Award Winning

Very excitingly we've signed the Pasture Promise, so are now officially
Free Range accredited.

About Us

All our ingredients are natural – including our passion

In October 2002 our family, the Dyballs, acquired a small local dairy in rural East Sussex, and began making artisan cheeses from wholly natural, locally-sourced ingredients.


Dad and I at the Pasture Promise day with Neil Darwent and WSPA

Since then, my father, Cliff Dyball, a city insurance broker for 30 years, my mother, a former banker and myself, I worked in travel, have found ourselves waiting for the first milk delivery at six o’clock every morning, rather than staring at a station platform; such an nicer start to the day.

Our tight-knit family workforce has since been joined by dairy hands Paul, Lisa and Belinda, all are bonded by a love of creativity, the countryside, cheese and delight in personally tend ing from start to finish a product which they’re deeply passionate about..

Over the years The Traditional Cheese Dairy has developed and refined it’s range of artisan cheeses, adapting many from centuries old recipes, innovating new methods to create others, and picking up a few national awards along the way.

Yet however the cheese making process varies with the seasons, what will never change is the dairy’s passion for using the freshest raw ingredients and a commitment to furthering our knowledge of their amazing benefits.

At our dairy we take a ‘grass roots’ approach to creating delicious artisan cheeses, so we want everybody who enjoys our product to appreciate exactly why it tastes so good. Our products are entirely shaped by nature and defined by organic processes at every stage, so for us, making the perfect cheese is a journey that begins far out in the meadows where we find the only ingredient we’ll ever use: raw milk, derived from locally-sourced single herds and flocks of contented animals, allowed to live and thrive on their native pastures, and tended through traditional farming methods.

We’re passionate about championing these processes, and educating others, not just because we know that they create the very best ingredients for our cheese, but because we firmly believe they offer a chance to improve standards in farming, animal welfare and ultimately, the quality of all our food.

Supporting the local farmers who rear happy, grass fed animals is vital to local rural economies, focuses attention on the importance of animal welfare, and encourages people to ‘buy local’, while the raw milk these animals produce is one of natures most health and nourishing ingredients, rich in vitamins, minerals and fatty-acids.

To this end we were thrilled to be recognised by leading farm animal welfare charity the CIWF. Over the past 40 years this highly respected global organisation has been instrumental in banning many cruel intensive farming practises, and to be credited by the CIWF with a Good Dairy Commendation for our commitment to promoting the welfare of farm animals means as much to us as the prestigious awards we win for our cheeses.

We’re convinced that education has a vital role to play in food appreciation, and we think that once you understand our approach, you can really taste the difference in our cheese.