Animal Welfare

Nourishing produce needs nurtured animals

At the Traditional Cheese Dairy we care passionately about animal welfare, not solely because we believe that they, each and every one, should be treated as sentient beings and not commodities, but also, we believe that the principle of improving conditions for all livestock improves the quality of their produce, thus improving the quality of all our lives. And of course, raw ingredients produced by contented, well-tended, pasture-fed animals, simply makes the most delicious cheese.

We’re thrilled to have been recognised by leading farm animal welfare charity Compassion in World Farming with a Good Dairy Commendation Award and are registered Free Range by making the Pasture Promise. Sharing Compassion’s and Free Range Dairy’s beliefs means we have rigorous criteria for sourcing livestock, which include ensuring the highest levels of husbandry and the rearing of all young males.

To do what nature intended, it’s crucial that grazing livestock are allowed to enjoy lush pasture and sunshine and that they are well tended during less hospitable months, when of course, they need housing in spacious, well-ventilated barns with deep straw bedding. As herd animals, cow’s sheep and goats are in fact deeply social and complex, so they need ample space to mingle, as well as exercise and rest.

This natural balance lies at the heart of our dairy’s principles, and we only source raw milk from livestock tended by farmers who share our passion for getting the best from the animals, rather than the most.

Our principle’s on animal welfare, and our belief that everyone should be able to enjoy our cheese, also dictates our choice of rennet.

Rennet contains the vital enzyme that begins the cheese-making process, by separating milk into curds and whey. Sadly most commercial rennet is obtained from the stomachs of slaughtered bull calves. However the rennet we use at the Traditional Cheese Dairy is naturally sourced from fungi, which makes all of our artisan produce both animal-friendly and suitable for vegetarians.

Our cheeses are defined by the subtlety and complexity of their flavours, alongside a unique provenance that allows them to be enjoyed by all. We view this as both the result of compassion and care at every stage, and as a celebration of the sophistication that can be achieved when simple, unadulterated ingredients are allowed to undergo a series of natural processes.