Wedding Cakes

As a cheese maker I'm able to offer you a service where all of your wishes can be met for your special day. At Bespoke cheese, you can choose the shape of your cheeses, cylindrical, square, little hearts, all of which are made especially for you. Would you like to have your cheese matured for a little longer, giving a stronger flavour, muslin bound or rinded, given your preference I can advise you of the best options available. You are able to choose your preferred milk and cheese type, cows, ewes, or jersey milk, would you like a cheddar, or a wonderfully creamy semi soft cheese washed in rose water, maybe you'd like your cheese smoked over oak chippings, have herbs and cider added, a modern British type is also an option, so many options. If you'd like a four tied cake, you can indulge yourself with all of the aforementioned. For a bright and colourful cake add lots of colours to each tier, you can achieve this by adding seasonal flowers, nuts, berries and fruits. If you'd prefer more of a simple yet effective rustic display, you should use cobnuts, leaves and rustic fruit such as physillis, these look particularly delightful, to edge each tier. I can also provide you with a totally stress free service, by delivering and dressing your Bespoke Cheese cake with flowers to match the bouquet….

For a smaller wedding, birthday, christening or even banquet lunch my rounds of cheese make beautiful centre pieces. Cylindrical, square, soft, hard, cows, ewes, or, I could make you smaller heart shaped cheeses which piled on top of each other and decorated with roses, aesthetically, are beautiful. I also make a fantastic fresh goats milk cheese which comes in the form of a 200g log, it’s creamy yet zesty notes make this cheese extremely versatile, pile the logs to you preference and drench with a tangy raspberry coulis, serve with fresh raspberries and thin shortbread biscuits. Or, for a traditional cheese board, we could make you truckles (small whole cheeses), of several different types and shapes, serve with fresh figs and a good port.

All of our cheeses are handmade to order, we do however keep cheeses in stock, and so, if you have left things a little late, we are always able to help.

Our bespoke cheese cakes make wonderful alternatives

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