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Olde Sussex Red
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Olde Sussex Red<br> waxed triangle

Our award-winning Olde Sussex is a traditional hard British farmhouse cheese, made with raw British Frisian cows’ milk. Although a hard cheese, it has an open and bouncy texture and is superbly butter-rich in colour. Olde Sussex waxed wedge is un-rinded and dipped in pretty red wax and comes in 200g wedges.

Milk Origin: A closed herd of British Frisian cows cared for by the Franklins at Lullings Farm in Cuckfield, West Sussex. Find out more about Lullings Farm here.

Maturation Period: 3-4 months

With its deep, rich, creamy and rather tangy flavours, Olde Sussex is a complex cheese. The flavour also varies quite notably across the seasons due to the changing diet of the cows, and during the summer when the cows have been indulging in clover and buttercup, the flavour is quite floral.

How to Enjoy: Eat it plain, or use to make a fine gratin.

Gold and Silver medals at The British Cheese Awards, 2010 and 2011

Rennet: Vegetarian non GMO

Rind: Waxed

Salt: 1.7 - 1.9%

Type: Hard - cows milk - unpasturised

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