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Scrumpy Sussex
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Scrumpy Sussex<br> Green waxed triangle

When we came to creating Scrumpy Sussex we wanted to produce a traditional family cheese with a twist. It had to be versatile, full of flavour and exciting, we didn’t however want it to be to overpowering, detracting from the wonderfully buttery rich cheese. So we added just the right amount of ingredients for it to be enjoyed as a wonderful and colourful cheeseboard option but also very much enjoyed as a Welsh Rarebit alternative. Scrumpy Sussex is made with raw British Friesian cows’ milk and mixed with herbs, cider and garlic. It is a rindless hard cheese which has been matured for three months and has an open and bouncy texture. Dipped in green wax and comes in the form of a 200g wedge

Milk Origin: A closed herd of British Frisian cows cared for by the Franklins at Lullings Farm in Cuckfield, West Sussex. Find out more about Lullings Farm here.

Maturation Period: 3 months

Tasting Notes: The garlic, cider and herbs are gently blended with the curd, so when the maturation of the cheese takes place, the added ingredients have time to infuse and disperse their distinctive zingy flavours.

How to Enjoy: A perfect Welsh Rarebit alternative, or as an exciting option on any cheeseboard

Rennet: Vegetarian non GMO

Rind: Waxed

Salt: 1.7 - 1.9 %

Type: Hard - cows milk - unpasturised

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