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Goodweald Smoked
Goodweald Smoked

Our Goodweald Smoked is a hard farmhouse cheese that has been naturally smoked over oak chippings and is based on a old British farmhouse recipe. The cheeses are matured for about two months at the dairy before going up the road to our local smokers, the award-winning Weald Smokery, where it is kept in kilns for about four days. It is then returned to our cheeserooms and matured for a further month, giving enough time for the flavour to fully develop.

Milk Origin: Wonderful grass fed, free-range raw milk from British Frisian cows, cared for by the Franklins. Find out more about Lullings Farm here.

Maturation Period: Three months

Weight and shape: Half Moon, 2kg to 2.4kg

Cheese dimension: Height 3.5ins Width 9.5ins, half moon

Tasting Notes: Goodweald Smoked is fabulously rich, but not over smoked. You can still taste the creaminess of the raw milk and the tangy, full-bodied flavour of the cheese, with a pleasant toasted aroma.

How to Enjoy: Delicious with spicy chutney, or makes a superb cheese sauce.

Per Kilo Price: £17.35

Rennet: Vegetarian non GMO

Rind: unrinded

Type: Hard - cows milk - unpasturised

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