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Lord of the Hundreds
Lord of the Hundreds

We tinkered with our original recipe for the Lord of the Hundreds for several years, making many alterations to improve taste, texture and consistency until we finally found perfection. Made using raw milk from Friesland ewes, this modern, hard, vegetarian cheese is ladled into baskets and is left un-pressed, giving it an open texture and a unique shape. We then rub and turn the cheese every other day during the six to eight month maturation period, distributing the moulds evenly and encouraging a light grey crust to develop.

Milk Origin: Wonderful grass fed, free-range raw milk from Friesland ewes, cared for by the Threadgolds. Find out more about Boydells Dairy Farm here.

Maturation Period: Six to eight months

Weight and shape: Square, 4kg to 4.5kg

Cheese dimension: Height 4ins Width 7ins

Tasting Notes: Lords is a complex cheese, fabulously savoury, yet its flavour hints at burnt caramel and caramelised hazelnuts, along with fresh grassy notes. Expect a slightly dry and grainy texture, with an occasional slight crunch.

How to Enjoy: Serve on charcoal biscuits with quince jelly and pears. Lord of the Hundreds is featured in the ‘Rare Breeds Society’ cookbook and many chefs use it as an alternative to Parmesan.

2008 Gold medal at The British Cheese Awards
2009 Silver medal at The British Cheese Awards
2010 Silver medal at The British Cheese Awards
2011 Gold medal at The British Cheese Awards and Best of Category for The Best British Modern British Hard Cheese
2012 Silver medal at The British Cheese Awards

Per Kilo Price: £23.50

Rennet: Vegetarian non GMO

Rind: Natural

Type: Ewes milk - unpasturised

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