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When working on the recipe for Stonegate we wanted to come up with something delicate and creamy and slightly zesty, with only a hint of fresh goats milk – we feel that this is when goats cheese is at its best. Stonegate is a very versatile soft, fresh cheese which has proved a hit with everyone who tries it.

Milk Origin: Beautiful free-range grass-fed raw goats milk from Ellies Dairy. Find out whats happening on the farm today

Maturation Period: Fresh

Size: 200g log

Tasting Notes: Creamy with a zesty essence, and a hint of fresh grassy goats’ milk.

How to Enjoy: Chefs love it for cooking, children love it with coulis and shortbread and restaurants have been finding it a popular addition to their British cheeseboards.

Rennet: Vegetarian non GMO

Rind: un-rinded

Type: Goats milk - unpasturised

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