Award Winning

Very excitingly we've signed the Pasture Promise, so are now officially
Free Range accredited.

Taste Nature’s Course

Welcome to the Traditional Cheese Dairy, where we believe that goodness comes from the ground.

Set within the lush green fields of the Sussex Weald, the Traditional Cheese Dairy uses delicious free-range, grass-fed raw milk from award-winning local farms, to create fine-quality artisan cheeses, ranging from tasty traditional cheddars to the critically acclaimed ewe’s milk cheese Lord Of The Hundreds, not to mention our award-winning Burwash Rose, which claimed the prestigious title of ‘Best British Semi-Soft Cheese’ at the 2012 British Cheese Awards. Our dairy was also awarded Sussex Food Producer Of The Year 2016, a huge achievement we’re hugely proud of.

This dedicated, family-run dairy has spent the past decades painstakingly refining and adapting centuries-old cheese-making techniques to perfect a selection of cheeses that offer both exceptional flavours and broad appeal.

Individually our cheeses offer unique and delicious marriages of tastes and textures, together they represent the sophistication that can be achieved by simply allowing fresh, unadulterated ingredients to undergo natural processes, albeit under meticulous conditions - and a watchful, experienced eye.

Additionally, the diary’s entire cheese range is made using animal-free rennet approved by the Vegetarian Society, thereby ensuring that all lovers of fine foods can enjoy our carefully crafted produce.

At the Traditional Cheese Dairy we base the production of all our quality cheeses on the age-old understanding that goodness comes from the ground up and that the cheese-making process begins long before the milk reaches the dairy.

That’s why we only source fresh raw milk from like-minded local farmers, who not only care about the welfare and contentment of their animals, allowing their herds and flocks to roam wide, rich meadow pastures, sweetening their milk as they graze upon tender, naturally available meadow herbage, but whom are equally as passionate about keeping things natural and raw.

Milk gained from cows, sheep and goats tended in this way is crucial for providing our cheeses with their unique notes of flavours; bold enough to define each one, yet subtle enough to vary with the seasons.

This special blend of nature and nurture, passion and craft, has created demand for our cheeses from professional chefs and restaurants around the country, and convinced expert judges at the annual British Cheese Awards to confer us with many accolades, including ‘Gold’ and ‘Best of Category’.

Due to our determination to endorse and promote natural, caring and non-intensive farming practices, we were equally thrilled to be awarded a Good Dairy Commendation by the globally respected farm animal welfare organisation, CIWF.

We’re convinced that it’s the combination of all these factors that keeps our growing customer-base of honest food-lovers coming back for more.

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